Saturday, 11 September 2010

Monkey 'no speakin no evil!'

Did some more work on the monkey toning it down a little

Trying to develop my style away from just splats and gore hopefully it works?
Ps I can change the colour's, or loose the background colour.... like just a pink monkey on a grey Tee ect


  1. Love the choice of colour, this is well sweet dude, and would soooo look great on a tee!! gonna have to hurry up your 1 design ahead of me haha!! :D

    Should we put text on to these designs like the words 'speak no evil'?? opinions?

  2. Cheers! I did think about text but then i figured the image speaks for itself??

  3. aaah fuck off!! I'm so behind!! it's awesome btw! deffo t shirt material!! :D

  4. Rights!! And the new version is lovely I like you and your textures but this is like a new approach to your normal style, fuckin' love it dude!!!!!